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Puppy Classes

Have you seen dogs that are afraid of their own shadows? Do you want to teach your dog to know how to interact with people and other dogs, but are unsure how?

Our puppy classes are designed to teach good manners to your puppy.  

The exercises that they will go through will:

  • Help to prevent aggressive and inappropriate behavior.

  • Teach your puppy how to interact with other dogs through play.

  • Help your puppy become accustomed to routine examination, which makes visiting the veterinarian a positive experience.

The puppy classes teach YOU the process, which is called "gentling". This series of exercises is designed to help your puppy become a happy, confident dog by establishing that you are bigger and stronger, but still gentle and non-threatening. During this process nothing bad happens, so the puppy develops trust in you. Once you are trusted as the puppy's "pack leader", the puppy will bond with you and want to follow you and your instructions. Demonstrating this gentle leadership significantly reduces inappropriate, aggressive behavior later. ​

Overall, the entire class is designed to help you bond with your puppy, and help to make the puppy non-aggressive and easy to handle. 

Health requirements

​All puppies must:

  • Be between 6 and 16 weeks of age.

  • Have proof of appropriate veterinarian-received vaccines and health exam.

  • Be owned for a minimum of 10 days.

  • Be on a monthly flea preventative.

Class requirements
  • Bring your puppy on an empty stomach - so don't feed them the night before! 

  • Please bring a bag of SOFT treats for incentives, any brand. No hard or crunchy treats.

  • There will be supervised play along with some instruction.

Classes are free, but you must register to attend, as there is a limit to the number of puppies per class.

You can call us to register at (309)699-6443.


If you are not a current client, you will need to fill out a form with basic information. You can either do so at the class, or print it out and bring it with you. It is available to download here.

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