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Employment Opportunities

We are always glad to accept resumes from enthusiastic, hard working, dependable, team oriented people who wish to join our team of veterinary health care professionals. 


The following represents a list of the positions for which we hire, but not necessarily a list of positions currently available.


A receptionist focuses on client service and communication. He or she is the first and last contact with the hospital and key to creating first and lasting impressions. The receptionist must have exceptional client service and communication skills, computer literacy, handle payment and financial issues, ability to multi-task, friendly attitude and confidence to deal with stressful situations. Receptionists support veterinarians, technicians, and veterinary assistants in daily patient and client care. They communicate with clients in person and by phone and e-mail. Computer and typing skills are required.


Certified Veterinary Technician

A certified veterinary technician directly handles inpatient and outpatient care, working hand-in-hand with veterinarians. The technician assists in exam rooms by taking patients’ history, vital signs and weight; preparing vaccines; collecting samples and running diagnostic tests; providing client education; and assisting with animal restraint. Technicians also may see their own appointments for procedures such as suture removal, nail trim, vaccine administration when a doctor exam is not required, long-term medication monitoring testing, surgery admission and discharge and boarding check-in exams. Technicians directly impact doctors’ productivity, client service and patient care. Technicians play a key role in communicating with clients in person and by phone for follow-up care and patient monitoring. Computer and typing skills are required.

Veterinarian Assistant

The assistant’s primary duty is to make sure the clinic is clean and professional in appearance. A veterinary assistant supports technicians and veterinarians in exams, treatment, surgery and boarding.  The veterinary assistant assists with animal restraint, housekeeping, client communication, treatments and surgeries. Veterinary assistants support both certified veterinary technicians and veterinarians in daily patient care. They communicate with clients in person and by phone for follow-up care and patient monitoring.  Training provided for expectations.  Testing for competency required to maintain position. Computer and typing skills are required.


High School Page

In our high school page Program, we employ two junior or senior level high school students who work 6-8 hours per week in the afternoons and/or on weekends.  Pages perform general cleaning and animal care duties while being able to learn about the different job careers within a veterinary clinic.  There will be opportunities to observe procedures and treatments as well as to learn about animal behavior and infection control while performing general animal and cleaning duties.  Training provided for expectations.

To apply, download the online application here and bring the completed form into the clinic. There will be an additional form that must be completed on site; you can expect this to take 10-20 minutes.

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