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ProHeart6 for dogs

We are excited to announce that we now have ProHeart6, the 6-month heartworm and hookworm prevention injection for dogs! NO MORE remembering to give the monthly pill! No more, “My dog doesn’t like the taste”!

ProHeart6 is 100% effective when given every six months. It provides year-round protection in two shots, with more than 9 million doses distributed.

January 1, “Fido” would receive in the clinic:

□ Heartworm test, and after a negative result:
□ ProHeart6 injection
□ Bravecto pill

April 1, “Fido” would receive at home:

□ Bravecto pill

July 1, “Fido” would receive in the clinic:


□ ProHeart6 injection
□ Bravecto pill


October 1, “Fido” would receive at home:

□ Bravecto pill

This is what the annual plan for a dog on ProHeart6 will look like:


This plan provides your dogs with an entire year of protection against heartworms, hookworms, fleas and ticks!*

And you will only have to do two things at home!

Do you still prefer a monthly preventative?

We can prescribe that for you through our online pharmacy, whether you would like a monthly, biannual, or annual preventative. And they will ship it straight to your house - no need to pick it up from us!

Have more questions about ProHeart6? Just call us at (309)699-6443 and ask! Our staff is trained to answer your questions. If they don't know the answer, they know how to find it and get back to you.

*Puppies require a different schedule until they are six months old. Please ask a staff member for more information.

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